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 What equipment should I use?

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PostSubject: What equipment should I use?   Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:44 am

Hi All,

As you may have noticed, this game has a lot of equipment available, and you may not know what is the best, what to worry about, etc. Well, fret no more, because I have worried about it for you, and now provide you with this guide!

Starter's Note
At the beginning, you level very quickly, and, as a result, you don't need to put a lot of thought or effort into your equipment until you reach level 30-35. Once you hit level 30, your leveling will slow down a lot, at which point, you probably should start thinking more about equipment.

Dungeon Equipment
The stuff you find in dungeons is largely garbage that you can either sell or recycle. This game dumps a lot of it on you, and you might use some of what you find until you hit level 35. However, that said, rings and trinkets gained through dungeons may be the best items in that category that you may have for awhile, until you replace them with items from the crypt shop.

PVP Equipment
This is the equipment you buy from the arena shop with insignia. Level 35 features the first set of PVP equipment, and you should aim to get the entire set. If you equip an entire PVP set, you gain a rage boost at the start of each battle, and also your attacks will nullify part of the opponent's defenses. Basically, these sets will be your main equipment (weapon, armor, necklace, and helm) every 10 levels. Once you have the level 35 PVP set, you should use it until you hit level 45, and then switch to the level 45 set. I advise buying the sets or parts of them a few levels in advance, so that you can spend some time and money enchanting them before you hit that level (it can get really expensive!).

How to Get Insignia for PVP Gear
There are three ways to get insignia: guild battles, multiplayer arena, and battlegrounds. Guild battles are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm (20:00) server time. Every participant in a GB we win earns 850 insignia and honor, and, for battles that we lose (so far, just against Exodus), the participants get 400 insignia and honor points. We have not yet had a guild battle where we had the max number of participants (50), so anyone who wants to join, can and should! It is the best way to acquire insignia.

You can also participate daily in multiplayer arena and battlegrounds. Multiplayer arena battles are three v. three, and the winning team gets 15 insignia per battle, and the losing team 5. You can do up to 30 of these a day, at specific times.

Battlegrounds also provide a way of getting more insignia. If your team wins, you get something like 90 insignia and 80 honor points (or vice versa, I'm not sure), and if your team loses, you get 30 of each.

What about PVE Gear?
PVE equipment sets are the ones you can synthesize in the blacksmith for levels divisible by 10. These are inferior to the PVP sets, and, ultimately, aren't worth going out of your way to get. If you happen to end up with the materials for some before level 35, feel free to synth and/or use them, but remember that you should replace them with the appropriate PVP set.

Rings and Trinkets?
So the PVP sets contain your weapon, armor, necklace, and helmet, but you also have rings and trinkets too. The best rings and trinkets are bought through the Crypt Shop. Crypt tokens are earned only by doing the crypt. These are best bought in sets as well, since equipping both the right and left rings, and right and left trinkets will give you further benefits. These are able to be equipped on levels divisible by 10. The level 40, 50, and 60 rings and trinkets can be turned legendary, which means you can open up another slot for gems and they can be enchanted to a higher level (for a premium price of gold!).

Have $5 to spare?
Consider buying 500 balens, and you get a lot of good stuff from that first purchase, including 2 legendary trinkets that will be good through level 40 or 50 when you end up replacing them with crypt items.

Cost $20. That is that. If you have the spare money and don't mind putting it into this game to make your character look cooler and be stronger, it's a fair $20 to spend.

Add rage boosts and looks only. Easter eggs right now can get you clothes, or you can buy them. Altogether, not so important, but the extra rage at the start sure can be nice.

Lastly, the medallions for your honor rank. These expire after a period of time, and the higher you are in honor, the quicker the medallion for your rank will expire. These are bought with insignia, but make sure you're good with the PVP sets first before you put insignia towards medallions.

I think that about covers the basics. I tried to touch on everything, but if anyone has anything more to add, or if there are any questions, feel free to ask!

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PostSubject: Re: What equipment should I use?   Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:47 am

Really Good work. Clotho.
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What equipment should I use?
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